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Why Transition to Iron Gate Technology?

Pittsburgh Businesses with 5-500 Employees turn to us to get their IT under control

They trust a passionate team of senior IT professionals committed to providing stellar IT solutions & customer service. 

With more than 18 years of experience as an Managed IT Services Provider, Iron Gate Technology is the go-to MSP in Pittsburgh.

When we ask our clients why they transitioned away from their previous solution/provider, here's what they say:

Poor Customer Experience is routine with other Managed IT Services Provider in Pittsburgh.

Poor Customer Experience

Inability to resolve issues, poor response times, poor customer service...

Most IT "experts" offer cookie cutter products & solutions with no critical thinking.

Not Meeting Current Needs

Cookie cutter products & solutions, no critical thinking.

Unlike other IT providers in Pittsburgh we do not outsource our Help Desk.

Outsourced/Off-shore Support

Lack of cohesiveness and consistency. We do not outsource our Help Desk

Companies can experience a security breach when they are not properly protected.

They Were Attacked

They experienced a cyber attack/breach.

Some MSPs are unable to Grow with Your Company

Inability to Grow

Their provider could not keep up with their needs.

Other MSPs in Pittsburgh are not solving problems or improving productivity.

Not Proving Value

Not solving problems or improving productivity.

Other IT providers charge unexpected fees, additional expenses & other bad surprises.

Unpredictable Costs

Unexpected fees, additional expenses & other bad surprises.

Most companies do not get good return on their investment with other IT providers in Pittsburgh.

Not Meeting Expectations

Did not see the value, did not get good return on their investment.

Overpriced subpar services and lack of confidence in their current IT provider.

Lack of Trust

Overpriced subpar services, no confidence in their current provider.

What differentiates us from other Managed IT Services Providers in Pittsburgh?

Customer Experience

We are committed to providing an extraordinary customer experience.  We understand that it is our privilege to have you as a client and we do our best to continuously earn that privilege and your trust.


While we have clearly defined methodologies, we do not force our clients to work “inside of a box”. Instead, we apply our methodologies and best practices to our clients’ individual, unique environments.   This allows us to provide a very robust yet highly customized level of service.


We are heavily invested in our team and our tools. These tools provide us with great insight, management capabilities and automation.  We are fully invested in the working smarter vs. working harder methodology.

Our Team

Without any doubt, our extraordinary Team is our greatest asset. Senior level IT professionals; critical thinkers and problem solvers; who enjoy what they do (and do it incredibly well).  There is not a nicer, nor more capable group out there.

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Industries We Serve

Managed IT Services for Construction Companies in Pittsburgh.

Construction & Development

  • Commercial & Residential Real Estate Development
  • Design & Engineering
  • General Contractors
  • Architecture firms
  • Property Management
  • Pre-Construction Services
  • Plumbing, Painting & Fencing companies
Managed IT Services for Logistics Companies in Pittsburgh.

Distribution & Transportation

  • Building Materials, Concrete & Lumber
  • Oil & Petroleum
  • Warehousing & Storage
  • Freight & Distribution
  • Contract Carrier Trucking & Harbor Services
  • Freight Forwarding
  • Logistics & Supply Chain
Managed IT Services for Services Companies in Pittsburgh.

Financial & Professional Services

  • Financial Planning & Wealth Management
  • Payroll Management
  • Accounting, CPA. Audit & Tax Preparation
  • Insurance
  • Legal organizations & Law Firms
  • Private Education & Recruiting Firms
  • Software Development & SaaS
  • Marketing Agencies & PR firms
Managed IT Services for Manufacturing Companies in Pittsburgh.


  • Robotics, Machinery & Equipment
  • Food & Beverage
  • Wood, Metal, Plastics & Rubber
  • Packaging, Signs & Visual Displays
Managed IT Services for Healthcare Companies in Pittsburgh.


  • Community Health Organizations
  • Medical Billing
  • Medical Groups & Private Practices
  • Hospitals & Surgery Centers
  • Medical Products & Devices
Managed IT Services for nonprofit organizations in Pittsburgh.


  • Associations
  • Membership Organizations
  • Cities, Counties & Municipalities
  • Religious Organizations
  • Police & Fire Departments

How to get started with Iron Gate Technology:

Get More From Your IT, Step 1: Let's Meet.

1. Let's Meet

We'll talk about your business, how you are currently leveraging technology, and what you expect from your IT.

Get More From Your IT, Step 2: Tailoring The IT Plan.

2. Tailoring your IT Plan

If we're the right fit, we'll customize an IT service agreement to your needs.

Get More From Your IT, Step 3: Enjoy hassle-free IT

3. Enjoy hassle-free IT

Lower Costs
Increased Efficiency
Great Outcomes

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