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What is an IT Help Desk

What is an IT Help Desk?

IT Help Desk is designed to help businesses resolve IT issues quickly & seamlessly

IT help desk can take on different forms, but at its core, it is a software platform that enables users to solve their problems through a single point of contact.

The IT help desk allows employees to troubleshoot their problems, track issues, and get assistance regarding products, software, or processes. When a technical problem arises with software or a device, people immediately go to the IT helpdesk and get the help they need.

Nowadays, IT help desks have evolved into a much more sophisticated concept than simply a phone line where you can call in an expert to walk you through the solution of your IT difficulties.

The help desk, like many other computer applications, has been improved over time. They can be used to deflect employee queries about IT procedures by linking to self-service interfaces.

How an IT Help Desk can solve your IT challenges

Address most IT issues in the most efficient manner

An IT help desk is the first point of contact for employees and customers to get their IT issues addressed.

People who don't have it are on their own to figure out where to go for assistance. This can waste a lot of time since the person with the IT problem gets trapped in loops looking for someone to assist them.

IT help desks save time and remove frustration by providing a single and easy-to-access solution to go to with your IT problems.

An IT help desk is a must-have for avoiding headaches and lost productivity. It will increase your business output and improve employee satisfaction and retention rates.

How an IT Help Desk can solve your IT challenges

Talk with an IT Help Desk Provider in Pittsburgh

Located North of Pittsburgh, near Ross Township, Iron Gate Technology provides IT Help Desk services to clients in the Greater Pittsburgh Area.

For the past decade Iron Gate Technology has been among Pittsburgh's best IT services providers with 100% satisfied customers.

Analyze where you are today

Let's talk about your systems, software, network and procedures to identify risks and opportunities.

Focus on your business growth

Once we understand your business needs and objectives, we can provide recommendations to meet your short and long-term goals.

Learn about next-gen technology

Leverage our expertise:
We keep up with technology trends & IT best practices so that you don’t have to.

Get the IT support you need

Hire a seasoned partner and get access to the resources you need to make the most out of your IT.

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How does an IT help desk work?

When an IT issue arises the IT help desk software will create tickets. Issues like bugs, network problems, VPN problems, feature request, issues with login credentials, device compatibility problems etc.

Our support team then resolves these issues and ensure that they do not happen again.

This process enables proactive IT Management and maximize IT support efficiency so that every issue can be resolved as quickly as possible.

IT service desk can have a great impact on your business

A company's IT help desk is a vital component to the success of any business, but few people realize just how important it can be.

When working with an outsourced provider of these services, you can focus on other areas that need attention while also gaining access to resources like remote support and 24/hour availability when needed most!

IT service desk can have a great impact on your business

The Pros and Cons of hiring an IT Help Desk Provider


Schedule a free consultation to learn if hiring an IT Help Desk Provider is right for your organization.

We will share what we know and develop a plan with you.

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-An IT Help Desk Provider like Iron Gate Technology has a deep understanding of different types of technology and applications across various industries. In-house staff can not have such expertise. Hence why bringing outside help to complement and elevate current IT initiatives is one of the biggest advantages of hiring an IT Help Desk Provider

We take pride in our quick response time, and we aim to complete tasks within 24 hours or less.

-It can save you money by reducing the number of employees needed to solve your IT issues, which reduces recruiting and training costs as well as payroll expenses.

-IT Help Desk support and can solve all your IT issues from computer repairs to network setup and support.

-To sum up an IT Help Desk Provider is cheaper, faster, have more knowledge and experience and is more flexible (easier to change providers than employees).

Iron Gate Technology skillset & qualifications as an IT Help Desk Provider


Harness the power of a personalized, reliable team of experts at your service

Get access to rare & valuable skillsets at a fraction of the recruitment & payroll cost

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Our team is patient and has excellent communication skills. We act right away and provide immediate service delivery.

We are fast thinkers. As problems can often arise with technology that is not necessarily foreseeable.

We have experience in the following areas:

-Troubleshooting computer issues
-Installing and configuring software
-Setting up printers and other peripherals
-Knowledge of asset management and resolution automated ticketing management
-Working with different types of operating systems (Windows, macOS, etc.)
-Dealing with multiple email clients (Outlook, Apple Mail, Thunderbird, etc.)
-Handling customer service requests via phone or online chat

Looking for more out of your IT?

Iron Gate Technology offers top-notch technology solutions and outsourced IT services for companies located in Western PA.

Our clients are located in Pittsburgh, Penn Hills, Mt Lebanon, Monroeville, Robinson Township, Moon, Sewickley, Wexford and Cranberry Township.

Take a hands-off approach to your IT by hiring the best managed service provider in Pittsburgh!

How to get started with Iron Gate Technology:

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1. Let's Meet

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Get More From Your IT, Step 2: Tailoring The IT Plan.

2. Tailoring the IT Plan

If we're the right fit, we'll customize the IT service agreement to fit your needs.

Get More From Your IT, Step 3: Enjoy hassle-free IT

3. Enjoy hassle-free IT

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