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It is becoming increasingly difficult to secure IT infrastructures. Do you have the Cybersecurity skills to ensure your organization is safe from Cyber Crimes?

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The fallout from a data breach can be devastating, resulting in downtime, unexpected costs and a damaged reputation.

Cyber Security Services for SMBs

Cyber Risk and Business Risk are linked

Your IT systems and data have value, that’s why cyber-attacks are becoming more common. A successful Cyber Attack can have devastating repercussions, including downtime, unexpected expenses, and damage your reputation.

Keeping your systems and data safe from hackers requires continuous maintenance, management and improvement, because the threat landscape is constantly changing.

Stop Wondering if You're Secure

Cyber Security threats SMBs ought to know

It is challenging to keep up with new technologies and security trends. Nevertheless, it's crucial to prevent cyber threats, which can take many forms:

Malware is a type of software that can be used to harm a computer user. Computer viruses like Trojan horses, and spyware are all considered malwares.

Ransomware attacks are a type of malware that prevents computers from operating properly by locking files and requiring payment from the victim.

Social engineering: users are tricked into breaking security procedures.

Phishing is the process of sending fraudulent emails that look like they came from reputable sources, but their intention is to steal data.

Types of cybersecurity threats SMBs ought to know

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      Located North of Pittsburgh, near Ross Township, Iron Gate Technology provides Cybersecurity services to clients in the Greater Pittsburgh Area.

For the past decade Iron Gate Technology has been among Pittsburgh's best IT services providers with 100% satisfied customers.

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Let's talk about your systems, software, network and procedures to identify risks and opportunities.

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Why Cyber Security Matters

As technology and cyberattacks continue to evolve and become more complex, cybersecurity will become more important.

If small businesses want to survive in the digital age, they must implement frameworks that manage risks, detect breaches, and prepare disaster recovery processes.

Cyberattacks are constantly evolving, get protection that works.

Have Peace Of Mind

Sleep easy knowing your network is protected by enterprise-level software and around-the-clock monitoring.

Intrusion detection systems, firewalls, and constant monitoring for malicious activity keep your data safe from malware and hacks

Are Your Devices Infected?

Modern viruses (worms, trojans, etc.) can be unbelievably destructive. They can infect every pore of a system – DLL's, registry, operating system files.

IGT proactively monitors your systems and arms your IT infrastructure with our layered enterprise class anti-virus, intrusion protection systems, firewalls, and email/spam protection software, ensuring 360° protection against known and evolving forms of cyber threats.

Are Your Devices Infected?

Benefits of hiring a technology partner like IGT to handle Cyber Security


60% of small and medium-sized business owners hacked loose their business within 6 months.

We won’t let that happen to your business.

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Our security experts assess your network and resolve weaknesses that could compromise your business data.

Our Cybersecurity solutions help eliminate threats through layers of defenses. We also take into consideration the role human behavior plays, and we increase the resilience of organizations.

Assess your cybersecurity to determine if you're safe, or if you are more vulnerable than you thought.

Included in your Managed IT Services Contract or Provided Separately

Proactive CYber Security Provider

Enhance the security of your internal or external IT department.

Our managed IT services also include cyber security related services.

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Iron Gate Technology protects you from every threat:

  • Security for servers, desktops, and your data stored in the cloud
  • Securing IT equipment on-site
  • Malware protection and anti-virus software
  • Software that blocks ransomware
  • Providing Cybersecurity awareness training
  • Reviewing security policy
  • Internet filtering & firewalls
  • Protection against network intrusions
  • Monitoring and patching
  • Assistance with regulation compliance
  • Recover from disasters with the right plan for business continuity
  • Two-Factor Authentication (2FA)
  • and more... Please contact us for the full list.

Frequently Asked Questions by our Pittsburgh Clients about Cyber Security


What does Iron Gate Technology’s Cyber Security solution include?


Is there a cyber security assessment I can do to find out if my business is at risk?


We don’t have critical data or specific compliance requirements; why would I need Cyber Security services?


Why would Small Businesses in Pittsburgh have to worry about Cyber Security?


We use antivirus and have IT employees in-house, so isn’t our business secure?

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Iron Gate Technology offers top-notch technology solutions and outsourced IT services for companies located in Western PA.

Our clients are located in Pittsburgh, Penn Hills, Mt Lebanon, Monroeville, Robinson Township, Wexford and Cranberry Township.

Take a hands-off approach to your IT by hiring the best managed service provider in Pittsburgh!

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2. Tailoring the IT Plan

If we're the right fit, we'll customize the IT service agreement to fit your needs.

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3. Enjoy hassle-free IT

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