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It's amazing how advanced business phones are nowadays. Upgrade to a VoIP system to have a business phone smarter than your personal phone.

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Iron Gate Technology's business VoIP phone service offers the next-generation level of telephone and collaborative solutions to help you thrive.

Managed VoIP Services for SMBs

Modern VoIP Phone Systems Provider in Pittsburgh

It can be frustrating, inefficient, and costly to rely on outdated call technology.

With business VoIP phones from Iron Gate Technology, you’ll get next-gen business collaboration systems.

After upgrading your phone system, you will never have to worry about malfunctioning lines and dropped calls.

Would You Benefit from an Upgraded Phone System?

Is Your Office Phone Smarter Than Your Cell Phone?

Telephone systems from the past used to be reliable. Sadly, most of them have now become money pits, that require costly maintenance.

You should look into VoIP options if, for instance, your system hasn't grown alongside your organization or if you can't have the necessary features to improve your staff productivity.

Obsolete phone systems turn into money pits, requiring frequent maintenance and repairs.

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      Located North of Pittsburgh, near Ross Township, Iron Gate Technology provides VoIP services to clients in the Greater Pittsburgh Area.

For the past decade Iron Gate Technology has been among Pittsburgh's best IT services providers with 100% satisfied customers.

Analyze where you are today

Let's talk about your systems, software, network and procedures to identify risks and opportunities.

Focus on your business growth

Once we understand your business needs and objectives, we can provide recommendations to meet your short and long-term goals.

Learn about next-gen technology

Leverage our expertise:
we keep up with technology trends & IT best practices so that you don’t have to.

Get the IT support you need

Hire a seasoned partner and get access to the resources you need to make the most out of your IT.

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Pittsburgh VoIP Experts

We've implemented VoIP systems for a wide range of companies in the Pittsburgh area, from diverse industries.
Benefit from all the popular features that drive positive business outcomes such as Voicemail, Do Not Disturb, Caller ID, on Hold Music, Conference Calls and many more.

Benefit from popular VoIP features that drive positive business outcomes such as Caller ID, Call Waiting, Do Not Disturb, Music on Hold, Voicemail, Conference Calling, Group Paging and a lot more.

For Local & International Use

Based on your business needs we'll install the technology and the system that is right for you.

For instance, VoIP can be a great way to upgrade your business phone system and improve access to international communications.

Using VoIP for international calls has the major advantage of allowing you to purchase a phone number in another country.

Benefits of VoIP Phone Systems by Iron Gate Technology


Get the tech you need at an affordable rate.

Reduce upfront investment & lower monthly costs

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Considering the technological improvements over the last decade, we commonly think office phones became obsolete compared to smartphones.

That's not true anymore there has been significant progress in the development of business phones.  After upgrading to a modern VoIP phone system, your office phone will be smarter than cellphones. 

Bringing together all your stakeholders has never been easier thanks to unified communications. It is also easy to integrate with other applications to increase productivity.

Phone System Consulting and Support for Small Businesses in Pittsburgh

Crystal Clear Calls from AnyWHERE

What does VoIP mean, and what can it bring to my business?

Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is merely the process of transmitting voice communication digitally over the internet.

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First, you should schedule a consultation with a competent Technology Specialist like Iron Gate Technology to figure out whether VoIP is a good fit.

During that consultation we discuss your business needs, as well as specific requirements and features you may want.

We will ask a few questions to ensure the solutions we choose will meet your organizational goals as well as fit in with your IT infrastructure.

Finally, we will plan and implement the solution that fits to provide a seamless transition.

Frequently Asked Questions by our Pittsburgh Clients about Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP)


Can you explain VoIP and how it works?


What are the limitations of VoIP phone systems?


Can VoIP calls be recorded?


Is it possible to keep my current number when switching to VoIP?


Are VoIP calls secure?

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Iron Gate Technology offer top-notch technology solutions and outsourced IT services for companies located in Western PA.

Our clients are located in Pittsburgh, Penn Hills, Mt Lebanon, Monroeville, Robinson Township, Moon, Sewickley, Wexford and Cranberry Township.

Take a hands-off approach to your IT by hiring the best managed service provider in Pittsburgh!

How to get started with Iron Gate Technology:

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1. Let's Meet

We'll talk about your business, how you are currently leveraging technology, and what you expect from your IT.

Get More From Your IT, Step 2: Tailoring The IT Plan.

2. Tailoring the IT Plan

If we're the right fit, we'll customize the IT service agreement to fit your needs.

Get More From Your IT, Step 3: Enjoy hassle-free IT

3. Enjoy hassle-free IT

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Our IT experts are happy to share their technology expertise and discuss a plan of action relevant to your business.

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