What Small Businesses Should Know About CyberSecurity

Cyber Security is the process of defending systems, networks, and programs from digital threats. 

The goal of cyberattacks is usually to interfere with normal business operations. Cybercriminals can access, change, or destroy sensitive information and use that to get what they want like extort money or acquire a competitive advantage.

The implementation of reliable cybersecurity solutions is particularly complicated today because the more devices we use on more networks, the more security liabilities we generate. 


Internet criminals know that and they are finding new ways to exploit these weaknesses, especially with small businesses that do not have dependable security measures.

Cyber Safety Infographic

How does cybersecurity work?

In order to secure data, computer systems, networks, programs, or other components, a cybersecurity approach must leverage several layers of protection. 

If you want your organization to be safe from cybercrime, your people, processes, and technology must all work together to deliver effective protection from cybercrime. 

Security operations functions such as detection, investigation, and remediation of cyber threats can be carried out with a comprehensive cyber risk management solution like the one Iron Gate Technology provide.

Why is cybersecurity important?

Enhanced cyber defense programs are a critical part of today's connected world.

On an individual level, cyber crimes can lead to everything from identity theft to extortion attempts to data breaches of personal files & photos. 

On an organizational level, cyber attacks can result in downtime, leaks of confidential documents, and damaged reputation.

In the United States of America, the National Cyber Security Alliance reports that over 60% of organizations hit with a cyber attack close within 6 months. That is why cybersecurity is critical to business continuity. 

What can anyone do to prevent cybercrime? 

Every IT User should understand and comply with fundamental security principles like choosing secure passwords, making sure emails & texts are from reliable sources and reporting the ones that are not, being wary of email attachments, and backing up data. 

Cybersecurity can feel overwhelming when you don’t know what to do, or where to start, that is why Managed Cybersecurity Services Providers (MCSP) exist: to provide the Information Technology support and cybersecurity frameworks small & medium-sized organizations need. 

Iron Gate Technology’s support includes effective cybersecurity training for every user within your organization. This way your company and your people are safe and can focus on their jobs.

What technology do I need to protect my organization?

Getting the right technology is critical to ensure your organization and your users have the security tools they need to prevent and thwart cyber-attacks.

There are three main entities that need to be protected: 

  1. endpoint devices such as smartphones, computers, connected devices, and routers
  2. IT networks
  3. the cloud. 

Malware protection, anti-virus software, firewalls, email security solutions, and DNS filtering are the most common technology solutions you’ll need to protect these entities.

Do you want to learn more about device security, network security, and cloud security? Contact us and it’ll be our pleasure to answer your questions and assist you in any way we can. 

What are the main types of cybersecurity threats small businesses should know?


Phishing is when criminals send malicious emails that appear to be from reputable sources. 

The goal is to fraudulently obtain sensitive data like important login information, bank information, or credit card numbers.

It has been the most common type of cyber attack over the past few years. 

You can thwart phishing attempts with technology solutions that filter malicious emails and user training 


A ransomware program is a type of malicious software designed to extort money by denying access to files or even the entire system until a ransom is paid. 

Paying the ransom does not even guarantee that you’ll recover your files or that your system will be restored. Even worse sometimes the ransomware is just a means to get your payment information and steal even more from you.

This is why it is paramount that you prevent ransomware attacks in the first place and have systems in place to properly react if the event you suffer from one. 

Having backup systems and data securely saved on the cloud is a good start. The next step is not panicking and dealing with successful attacks appropriately when they occur; that's what managed service providers do. 


Generally, malware refers to any type of harmful software designed to exploit devices and networks. 

Cybercriminals utilize malware to obtain data they can leverage over victims for profit:

  • Obtaining personal data from a victim in order to commit identity theft
  • Theft of consumer financial information like credit card & and account numbers 
  • Taking control of victim’s computers to launch denial-of-service attacks against networks

Social engineering

Social engineering is a method cybercriminals use to get you to reveal sensitive information

The goal is to extort money and/or gain access to valuable data. 

A combination of social engineering and any of the above threats increases your risk of clicking on links, downloading malware, or trusting malicious sources.

How can Managed Services Providers help with Cyber Security?

A Managed  Cybersecurity Services Provider can not only deliver information security services like intrusion prevention & detection, machine learning, incident & vulnerability management, they also provide an incomparable level of experience because they deal with cyber threats on a daily basis. 

Additionally, hackers tend to not attack sophisticated & well-protected systems, they strike vulnerable organizations & networks that do not have the critical infrastructure they need to protect them from cybercrimes. 

Internal IT teams are not as flexible as an attacker, they not only have to juggle multiple tasks that overwhelm their schedules, because they don’t face attacks regularly they are not as well equipped when dealing with them.

With a reliable MSP, you are always protected not just 9 to 5. 

The only cost-effective way to get that level of security (quality of service, knowledge, and experience) is to hire the right Managed Cybersecurity Services Provider like Iron Gate Technology.

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