Make, receive, monitor, and analyze local and long-distance calls more affordably on our cloud-based telephone system

Keep employees constantly connected and leave no call unanswered.

As more businesses are growing globally, the need for a more efficient communication system is rising. While moving to a feature-rich telephony solution may seem expensive and intimidating, with IGT’s VoIP you get all the benefits of a large-scale phone system, without the exorbitant costs or the complexity.

Our internet telephony solutions also let you integrate software programs, such as remote conferencing, voicemail transcription, and email over the internet. You can also collaborate with your clients, business associates, and employees using any device, at any location, and time — as long as you’re connected to the internet.

Our VoIP based telephone systems provide:

  • A unified communications system for your entire organization
  • Complete scalability so you can add users and locations as your business grows
  • Advanced features like call screening, call routing, auto attendant, and more