Office 365

Take all your favorite Microsoft apps into the cloud and access them through any internet-connected device

When your Microsoft apps are stored in the cloud, they operate on the latest versions and come bundled with a backup solution.

Our Office 365 solution lets you take all Microsoft Office’s apps into the cloud. This means you can work on important presentations, spreadsheets, and documents from any device if you’re connected to the internet. Because Office 365 comes with one, small monthly fee, it reduces upfront software licensing and purchase costs.

What’s more, you also benefit from increased collaboration and productivity, allowing you to complete projects faster and make the most of every opportunity that comes your way.

Features of IGT’s Office 365 package:

  • Create, edit, access, and share documents with your colleagues and employees, on the go
  • Help desk to solve frustrating issues
  • No downtime because of our proactive management policy
  • Pay a flat-rate monthly fee with no hidden charges or cancellation fees