IT Support

By combining remote and onsite support, our technicians can resolve any IT problem with ease and efficiency

Call us for any concerns about your IT and we'll answer them quickly and correctly.

When IT problems occur, you want them fixed fast. With IGT’s IT Support by your side, our technicians are just a phone call away. Depending on the severity of the issue we’ll either send a technician to your office, or resolve it remotely. But regardless, the result will be the same: resolved problems in record time.

What’s more, we’ll be available to help 24x7x365, which means we’ll be on the case, whether on- or off-hours.

Our IT Consulting services equip you with:

  • In-depth knowledge - we solve all your IT problems and offer expert guidance to prevent issues in the future
  • Rapid support - our technicians work efficiently are able to solve most problems on their first try
  • Server and network support - we’ll proactively monitor your servers and networks so if an issue pops up, we’ll resolve it before it escalates into downtime