Cloud Services

Save on expensive hardware costs and experience the joys of working remotely on any internet-enabled device

Harness the power of a personalized, reliable, and secure cloud infrastructure to increase business productivity.

A large majority of businesses today operate round-the-clock, and not being able to respond to clients and business stakeholders, or collaborate on-the-fly could spell the difference between won or lost business. With IGT’s Cloud Services, you’ll be able to work on any file, anywhere, anytime — as long as you’re connected to the internet.

With IGT hosting and administering your cloud system, you don’t have to worry about purchasing extra hardware, unexpected downtime, or corrupted data — ensuring maximum performance, constant accessibility, and tightened security.

Cloud Computing services from IGT are:

  • Scalable - our services adapt to your growing data storage, bandwidth, and user needs
  • Cost-efficient - you pay a flat-rate fee for enterprise-level technology
  • Secure - your data is hosted on our advanced, redundant servers
  • Mobile - access all your business files no matter where you are