Make the most of your technology when we optimize one server to run multiple software at once

Our experts constantly fine-tune your server so sluggish performance becomes a thing of
the past.

Instead of operating under the ‘one server, one app’ model, virtualization slices one server into multiple parts, giving each part the ability to run an app on it. By running multiple applications on a single server you improve computing efficiency, utilization, and flexibility, all at once.

Virtualization also reduces server storage, management, and maintenance costs, and frees up office space since all your software function on a single machine. To top it all off, electricity costs are lower, further benefiting your bottom-line!

Benefits of IGT’s virtualization solution:

  • Slash overheads by reducing hardware costs, maintenance fees, and electricity bills
  • Virtualization comes bundled with a data backup plan for easy recovery after a disaster
  • Enhance app performance with robust load balancing features
  • Keep up with the latest hardware and software as we equip your business with the newest updates