Get the leadership and expertise of a seasoned IT professional who can create and implement a personalized technology infrastructure for your business

An experienced, business-minded IT professional can expertly guide your company's technology strategy.

If you’re seeking an IT professional for your business, look no further. With IGT’s Virtual Chief Technical Officer (vCTO) services you get an expert who has combined technological and business acumen, without expensive recruitment costs or a high salary. Our expert will manage and strategically lead your business’s IT for maximum savings, return on investment, and efficiency.

What’s more, our vCTO ensures your IT runs at peak performance, and can manage large scale projects such as equipment or software upgrades without distracting you from core business functions. A vCTO will report directly to you, delivering important information about overall network performance and opportunities for improvement.

IGT’s vCTO can help you:

  • Build IT policies that align with your business based on risk exposure, compliance issues, and even HR management
  • Overlook large-scale IT projects from start to finish
  • Make executive-level decisions regarding your IT budget, tools, and strategy to set your business up for long-term success