Get the leadership and expertise of a seasoned IT professional who can create and implement a personalized technology infrastructure for your business

By hiring a seasoned partner you will get access to more resources to better manage your IT at a lower cost than handling it in-house.

IGT’s virtual Chief Technology Officer (vCTO) services will provide you with an expert who has combined both technological and business acumen to guide you through the processes of acquiring the proper resources, and planning and implementing a strategy to utilize those resources for maximum return on investment.

What’s more, our vCTO ensures your IT runs at peak performance, and can manage large scale projects such as equipment or software upgrades without distracting you from core business functions. A vCTO will report directly to you, delivering important information about overall network performance and opportunities for improvement.

IGT’s vCTO service will:

  • Build an IT system that is unique to the demands of your business, cognizant of risk exposure, compliance issues, and even HR management.
  • Diligently monitor your system to ensure peak performance at all hours of the day and night.
  • Communicate critical information about overall network performance and opportunities for improvement
  • Oversee large-scale IT projects from start to finish
  • Make executive-level recommendations regarding budgeting, resources, and strategy